EXIT Architecture


Curators: Julia van den Hout, Kyle May, and Warren James
Exhibition Design: Kyle May, Architect
Fabrication: Kyle May, Architect
Identity Design: Original Copy
Commissioning Institution: Art Omi
2019 —

Humans have been enshrining and memorializing their dead for millennia. While rituals and symbolic forms vary widely across cultures and religions, all are rooted in similar desires: honoring a life and coping with loss.

The realities of the world today have imposed additional restrictions and opportunities on internment. Rapid population growth, densifying urban areas, limited space, environmental concerns, and digitization are all factors that could lead architects to reimagine our own exit.

EXIT Architecture is a speculative look at designing for the afterlife in all of its potential architectural forms and new ways of marking our exit. The exhibition presents a critical, projective, and speculative look at the present and future of this realm of design—through personal and individual examples of design for the hereafter, as well as approaches that affect or can be adopted by many. 

The exhibition includes work by AD-WO, Aleksandr Mergold, ANAH, Bade Stageberg Cox, BEAU Architects, Giann Matias, Jason Vigneri-Beane, JeongChoi Works, KONYK Architecture, Lebbeus Woods, Michaela Metcalfe, Richard Ceccanti Aston, Roderick Cruz, Studio Ames, Yongwoo Park.

EXIT Architecture is the first curated exhibition of the Art Omi: Architecture program. It is on view from January 12 to March 3, 2019.