The ability to clearly articulate and communicate ideas is a crucial component of design. Over 90% of our daily communication is non-verbal. In design, this is no different — aside from what a text may say, there is a lot more being communicated in the subtext.

How can we read between the lines to investigate not just the primary message, but uncover the subtext?
Rather than something that is directly stated, we can define subtext as that which is implied or underlying. It plays on connotations, associations, our biases, our prior knowledge and experience.

This week-long workshop, taught with Kyle May at UQAM as part of their annual Design International series, investigated the subtext of various works, in order to bring greater depth to design. The workshop culminated in the design, development, and production of a bilingual exhibition and accompanying catalogue.

Participating Students: Christina Arciero, Andrew Contofalsky, Ivana Delalija, Jessica Gadbois, Andréanne Gagné, Ophélie Henrard, Karuna Kemrugka, Thierry Laberge, Hugues Lefebvre-Morasse, Emmanuel Mauries-Rinfret, Pierre-Alexandre Noël, Kym Rinfret.

Inviting Institution: École de Design, UQAM
Instructors: Julia van den Hout, Kyle May, Louis-Charles Lasnier